You are currently viewing Enter Gmeez: the very first complete gaming ecosystem. Let the gaming being!

Enter Gmeez: the very first complete gaming ecosystem. Let the gaming being!

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Greetings gamers and others,

We’re stoked to bring you our very first blog article! It might be a little early to start keeping a blog, given that we don’t have a real following yet, and there’s a lot of work that still needs to be done. But we wanted to tell you more about ourselves and Gmeez because trust is invaluable. We should know, since Gmeez is based on blockchain.  

With our 1st blog post we’re killing two birds with one stone: we will explain the “why” of Gmeez by telling you our story. You’re probably asking yourself “What? But Gmeez’s story is barely at its beginning.” And yes, that’s true. But our users will be the ones writing the rest of the story; the beginning is the only part that needs telling. But don’t get too excited, the best part of the story comes with the official launch of the platform. Without further I write, let’s begin.

In order for Gmeez to be conceived, 2 things had to exist first: blockchain (but more specifically cryptocurrencies) and competitive gaming. The idea behind the Gmeez platform was born from ‘necessity’, not purely out of imagination. Gmeez is a response to some real problems that exist in the world of gaming and E-sports. 

The seeds for the idea were already planted when cryptocurrencies went mainstream. Not only that, but some of the problems that Gmeez aims to fix have existed for a long time. However the connection between cryptocurrencies and gaming is not immediately obvious. 

It might not come as a surprise that the original concept of the Gmeez platform originated during a voice-call between friends gaming together (for those of who are wondering, the game was Call of Duty Modern Warfare). Paolo, one of Gmeez’s founders, had a foot in both worlds: he was a gamer and a crypto expert.

During this call, one problem became especially apparent to Paolo: he was using an unreasonable number of apps. Discord for chatting, Reddit for communities, Twitch for streaming, Youtube for other content… Most gamers deal with this constantly, so after a while it becomes routine. It’s easy to overlook this problem because after all, the difference is only a few clicks. But over time, the difference becomes thousands and thousands of clicks.

If you’re not considering cryptocurrencies, the solution is simple: merge everything into an all-in-one platform. Even though that’s easier said than done, merging everything into one platform has one clear advantage: unity. The gaming community, both globally and locally, is very fragmented. Gamers play across different consoles, speak different languages and play different games. Giving players a common meeting place would make it easier to find information, meet people and organise. 

This “merging” idea was the first building block of Gmeez. Then little by little, a more complete vision started coming together. Blockchain projects related to gaming existed already, Enjin being the most well-known. The notion of trading NFT’s already existed too, and the possibility of trading without any middle-men solved the problem of being scammed online. Being a crypto enthusiast, it’s hard to overlook the potential of these technologies. Eventually, the question arose almost naturally “What would an all-in-one gaming platform that also includes cryptocurrencies look like?” 

The idea is not complicated in theory. It’s a combination of ideas that already exist for which – surprisingly– you will not find any examples. Whether that’s a good or a bad sign is hard to say, but the idea is still very appealing. 

The “all-in-one” concept that Gmeez initially stems from, tends to branch out. This “all-in-one” idea naturally summons the question “What more could we do?” And that’s where the last element comes in.

Gamers spend many hours playing but – most times – the only way to try something new or upgrade your current gaming experience is to spend more money. And this is where cryptocurrency brings the most value to gaming as a whole. Cryptocurrencies allow platforms to monetise gaming, and therefore it makes competitive gaming and pro-gaming accessible to everyone. If you’re good enough, you can seamlessly transition from casual to pro gaming. 

Merging applications and enabling the trading of NFT’s as well as other items without middle-men will definitely be a great improvement to current systems. But these two ideas alone aren’t enough to convince millions of players to make a switch. The monetization of gaming through cryptocurrencies is the last piece of the puzzle.

Once the vision was complete, there was one last question left for Paolo to answer “What am I going to do with this idea?” After spending a lot of time refining his idea and looking for opportunities, the two Co-founders of Gmeez met and during early 2019, work on Gmeez started officially. The pandemic in 2020 caused some delays in the project, however development never stopped. And now nearing the end of 2020, work is still ongoing during the pandemic, who plans to stay around for a while longer. If you’ve read this far, kudos to you! This blog entry is definitely on the long side of the spectrum. In any case, we look forward to giving you good news about the project in the coming months!

The Gmeez Team.