You are currently viewing GMEEZ’s first round of beta testing was a huge success!

GMEEZ’s first round of beta testing was a huge success!

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Hello gamers and others,

It’s time for another blog post! A slightly shorter one this time. First, I want to start by apologising on behalf of the team for the delays that there have been. The project has been moving forward at a good pace and from now on we’ll try to prevent the same issues from happening again.


With that said, the main purpose of this blog is celebration: This blog post marks the completion of GMEEZ’s very first open tournament! The tournament was everything that we could have hoped for! There were 69 teams, which adds up to a total of 207 participants; That’s huge! As the saying goes “A person is not a leader until they have a follower.” So a thousand thanks to all of you who joined our pre-launch event and helped GMEEZ become a real gaming hub! 


We want to congratulate Team Kartastics for taking first place in GMEEZ’s first major event! Second place went to Team Mercy, third place to Team 7ore and 4th to Team Goskilla. This event was special because it featured the largest prize pool yet! The total prize pool was $1000, with Team Kartastic taking 500$ in cash. The remaining half of the prize pool was distributed between 2nd, 3rd and 4th place. Team Mercy came in second and won 250$, while Team 7ore and Team Goskilla who placed 3rd and 4th respectively, were awarded 170$ and 80$. And it was such a close call! Team Kartastic took 1st place with 723 points against Team Mercy’s score of 722 points that got them second place. A 1-point difference! This tournament will go down on the GMEEZ platform as a real legend. Or not. In any case, what matters most to us is that everyone enjoyed it. There were participants from all over the world and the Discord Server had more messages than we could keep up with. Oops. 


A lot of our work has been building up to this point, and now that our first pre-launch event has taken place, the final launch feels much closer. This tournament is supposed to give users a taste of what it will be like to use the GMEEZ platform. Even if the event was not hosted on the GMEEZ platform, the atmosphere is still the one that GMEEZ wants to achieve. Fun and competitive from start to finish. The good news is that this tournament was only the first of a series of open tournaments in anticipation of the official launch. More tournaments are coming and each with different prizes and gamemodes! 


But we can’t tell you everything, the project needs to advance one step at a time. It won’t be just weekend tournaments forever! We also know that most of our participants seem to be in some sort of lockdown as well. COVID seems to be going away slowly but it’s still not completely over so don’t let your guard down. In the meantime, we hope our tournaments are helping you to defeat the boredom and giving you back some energy!


Stay safe and game on!