You are currently viewing Warzone Pacific– From 17/12 to 19/12 DUOS tournament with prizes on GMEEZ!

Warzone Pacific– From 17/12 to 19/12 DUOS tournament with prizes on GMEEZ!

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From 17 to 19 December, we will host the event on our platform in free-to-play mode. For the occasion, all functionalities of the platform will be accessible to all users.

Greetings Gamers!

It’s time to bring out your keyboards and controllers: Gmeez’s launch is imminent and we are going to celebrate with a Call of Duty Warzone tournament!

From the 17th to the 19th of December, there will be 3 consecutive days of play, with free entry for all participants who register for the event through our gaming social hub. 

In addition to joining an action-packed battle royale where players from all over the globe will clash, all participants will have the opportunity to access the beta version of the platform and start discovering all of its characteristics and functionalities. 

Only a few people know that the idea to build GMEEZ actually originated spontaneously during a Call of Duty (although it was Modern Warfare.)

It was during this gaming session that the GMEEZ founders had the idea of creating an all-in-one gaming platform that would allow them to communicate, chat and view other content while gaming (and all the things they would simultaneously on different apps like Discord, Twitch, Reddit, etc.)

So we thought, ‘What better way is there to celebrate the launch, than to organise a good ol’ Warzone tournament?

Special Event DUOS: how to join and prizes

Our previous tournaments during the closed beta were a huge success!

For that reason, to celebrate the launch, we are going to hold a special DUOS event on the platform, limited to the game of Warzone and teams of 2 people. 

All participants will create their own matches or join other tournaments already underway, with the goal of earning the most points on the leaderboard by playing and winning as many matches as possible

Participants will be able to play from their pc, playstation and xbox using their own account inside GMEEZ, by changing their setting and Call of Duty to “account visible” or “public:. 

Awaiting the final winners will be 300,00$ of prize money:

  • 200,00$ for 1st place
  • 100,00 $ for 2nd place

On top of that, a further 100,00$ will be awarded to whoever is still at the peak when the event is over. 

All the points earned during this event will be added to the points from previous competitions such that participants can climb our all-time leaderboard. 

For the duration of the tournament, all functionalities of the platform will be accessible to all our registered users!

And that’s not all! To give the opportunity to as many people as possible to fully experience GMEEZ, we have created a referral program that offers you and your friends free credits and access to prize money. 

Take your shot: how to win free credits

All players who will pre-register on the platform or that will participate in our beta will have the opportunity to get 4 free GMEEZ credits as soon as the platform goes live. 

Credits will be sent to the GMEEZ account with the same email with which you pre-registered. These credits will grant free access to matches with prize money!

If you decide to share your invitation on your personal social accounts, like inviting your friends to the event via socials or e-mails, you will be able to  gain points for every action you take which will give you the opportunity to get free GMEEZ credits.

Earning points is easy and immediate. Here are more details on how it works::


  • 5 points for sharing the tournament promo on Instagram, Twitter and Discord;
  • 5 points for inviting friends via social media or email
  • 5 points for inviting 10 friends to sign-up to the platform;
  • 10 points for inviting 20 friends to sign-up to the platform.

If you earn all 25 available points,  you will get 4 GMEEZ credits and the free access to competitions with real money prizes! 

Create events, play and chat: united, in one place. 

This major event will allow all players to discover GMEEZ and gather virtually in one single place, where you can manage teams, chat and create events. 

Through ‘Competition Manager, our platform offers a completely automated system that makes it easy to create and manage tournaments as well as:

  • Ample customization for tournaments and competitions
  • Automatic allocation and distribution of prizes and prize money
  • The ability to handle teams and squads on a single interface specifically made for gamers
  • Integrated chat amongst players
  • Creation and extensive customisation of personal and team profiles
  • A personal wallet integrated on the platform to guarantee secure and automatic transactions

A complete gaming platform in every respect, that allows users to participate and organise competitions, connect with other users and earn from their gameplay. 

What are you waiting for? Join Gmeez now!

Register to participate in the tournament, snatch the prizes and gain credits to use on the platform.

We look forward to having you guys discover our platform and hearing your thoughts!


The Gmeez Team.